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Over 40 years of Warner and Swasey Manufacturing experience helps us lead the way in providing you with quality service parts at a reasonable cost as well as reducing costly down time.

For all your Warner & Swasey replacement parts needs: including multiple spindle, turret lathe, column lathe and slant bed among others. GoFast can fill those needs with exceptional prices and GoFast deliveries.

Turret Lathes

Many of our service parts are produced on our own Warner & Swasey equipment.


We have a large inventory of 5 and 6 spindle repair parts, including tooling and accessories.

Automatic Column

A large variety of chuck and bar machine service parts in stock.

Slant Beds

Quality mechanical and electrical parts for your SC needs.

GoFast Highlights

  • GoFast is a manufacturer with 40 years of Warner & Swasey experience.
  • We offer technical service and advice for all Warner & Swasey machines.
  • GoFast gladly quotes subcontract machining for small to large lot sizes.
  • We can recreate parts for obsolete machines.

We don't want to turn back time, We just want to keep you...Turning